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  • Motoexcite is India’s most exciting and most promising auto content with lots of information for all the enthusiasts across the country.
  • Motoexcite is your one – stop destination for all the automobile news, new launches, reviews and other necessary info related to cars and bikes.                                             
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Today Motoexcite has become a highly engaged platform with engagement being more than all other automobile portals combined. We are helping buyers, users and enthusiasts in getting all the information about cars and bikes, whether it be news, reviews, analysis or fun engaging entertainment in both text and video format.

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As our country India is a country of youths, it is better to enrich and connect all of them with right skill and employment. The Auto Industry of India has been recording tremendous growth over the years and is being emerging as a major contributor to India’s GDP. This industry currently accounts for almost 7% of our GDP and employing about 19 million people both directly and indirectly.